Halo Highlight Reel: I am Legend!

My greatest Halo accomplishment…


A Monument to All Your Sins                                                                       Completed every mission in Halo: Reach alone, on Legendary            Gamerscore = 150   Acquired on 29/12/2010

I almost cannot believe that I got this done.  Never before had I even attempted a solo Legendary run in any previous Halo game.  But Bungie went and dangled that 150 Gamerscore achievement in my face, so I knew (or rather dreaded) that I would have to attempt to complete Halo: Reach…on Legendary…alone.



I will admit I was a little stressed to begin this quest.  I am not a fan of being repeatedly beat-down and having to do sections over and over, but my Halo skills have really improved over the last two years, so if I was not training for this moment then what was I doing?

The final results were that it actually was not too bad.  Most levels took me on average an hour with only a handful of firefights giving me fits.  The Elites, especially the high-end ones were very difficult, and the fight where I was faced with multiples almost broke me.  The final level, The Pillar of Autumn, nearly pushed me over the edge.  But 168 minutes later (nearly 3 hours) I finally was able to reach the mountain top and look down on all I had accomplished.

For my efforts I pulled in a tidy 300 Gamerscore and an Armour unlock from Halo Waypoint, so the effort was not without its reward.  Halo on Legendary truly is a punishing experience, but it is doable, and it does give you as much of a sense of accomplishment as a video game can offer.  Next time I do Legendary campaign, I am bringing some friends for the ride!





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