S-Rank: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

When there are no more achievements…


All Maze Visuals – Beat the game with every maze visual.                           Gamerscore = 15     Acquired on 12/12/2010

One of my favourite destinations for gaming discourse on the web is Giant Bomb.  As a member of Giant Bomb  you can choose to link your Gamertag and track your achievement progress as well.  Achievements are broken down not only by points, but by rarity as well.  You are also letter-graded in each game by how many achievements you have earned in each game.  If you can manage to earn every single achievement in a game, you will earn the coveted S-Rank!


S-Ranks for me a pretty rare, Pac-Man CE DX represents only the 14th for me, most of which are the 200 points, XBLA variety.  As far as Pac-Man games go, I have earned every achievement in every XBLA Pac-Man title (Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man CE, and Pac-Man CE DX).  Two nights ago Pac-Man CE DX represented my latest conquest.

As for the game itself, it is a very unique take on the Pac-Man mechanic.  You awaken ghosts as you play and they will create a chain, following you around the map until you hit a power-pellet for massive damage!  Even when you are nearing a ghost the game will slow to its version of ‘bullet-time’ allowing you an opportunity to escape, and when that doesn’t work, Pac-Man has bombs now!  I wonder what innovation is next for Pac-Man?  Perhaps a little Kinect action?

SUPERGHOST’s Achievements for Pac-Man Championship Edition DX – Giant Bomb




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