Indie Games: Epic Dungeon

A unique and fast-paced RPG experience!



In the same vein as Xbox LIVE’s ‘Summer of Arcade’ promotion of the last couple of years, a cadre of independent game developers have banded together to promote their high-quality offerings of the Indie Games channel on Xbox LIVE.  Indie Games Winter Uprising is the result of this union, and the first game that caught my eye is Eyehook Games Rougelike RPG, Epic Dungeon.

Yesterday I plunked down my 80 Microsoft Points and put Epic Dungeon through its paces.  Rather, by the end of my game it had put me through its paces.  Of the 50 randomly-generated levels to game completion, I got to either 14 or 15 before I died.  And when you die in Epic Dungeon, your game is over.  On your next playthrough you can stumble upon your corpse and recover an item of loot, so it is worth having a look to where you died before.


I really enjoyed my session with Epic Dungeon.  The graphics may be considered simple, but it harkened me back to the mid-eighties win I was playing early RPG’s on my Commodore 64.  Highlights of the game for me where the variety of loot to uncover, the game’s quick pace, and the little text interludes dispersed throughout the dungeon.  Be careful of your choices.  I made the wrong choice during one of these scenes and had an eye gouged out, costing me 3 Dexterity!  Those moments feel like a Dungeons & Dragons ‘Dungeon Master’ exists within the game world.

I recommend this game for the RPG lover who just wants a quick, pick-up and play adventure that is a little different from the every day.  If Epic Dungeon is an example of what the Indie Games Winter Uprising is all about, I am looking forward to what else they will have in store!

Eyehook – Games – Epic Dungeon




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