Mission Accomplished: Lips

Well, as much as you can complete a karaoke game…


Call Me Superstar – Achieved a Grand Ranking of “Superstar”                  Gamerscore = 40   Acquired on 03/12/2010

It took me some time but I finally reached the Grand Rank of Superstar in Lips.  Of course that was spread over 3 different Lips disks and dozens of DLC songs.

The ‘Grand Rank’ is Lips version of progression through the game.  One works there way through the ladder by earning stars and style medals as they sing the songs.  I would have achieved this rank a while ago, but for me the ‘Technique’ medals were hard to come by.Lips is still receiving support from Microsoft in the way of DLC song releases, but to me it feels as though there muscle is not completely behind the game.  They did not even release the 80’s compilation in North America on disk.  As long as they make the songs available for download, i have no problem with that.As for me and my wife, we have a lot of fun with the game, and even if the flow of music stopped now, I think we would have enough for our occasional sing-a-thons.  Music games are certainly not what they once were, but I think there will always be a place for them in my house (even as I sell off my Rock Band instruments and disks this day).Lips – Xbox.com-SG


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