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Controller-breaking at its finest!


The title of the blog is SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of Xbox, but for every story there is a beginning, for me the beginning of this adventure stretches all the way back to the 1970’s when Pong was king!  Since I have grown-up along side video games, I enjoy looking back and exploring its history and formative years.  Two items in particular I would like to discuss today are not games at all, rather they are part of the media that surrounds gaming, in particular, gaming of yesteryear for me.  They are the Retronauts Podcast and Tips & Tricks Magazine.


Retronauts Podcast

When Retronauts ‘went off the air’ recently it was one of the longer-running video game podcast available.  Hosted by Jeremy Parish of 1UP and and co-hosted with several game-media luminaries, most prominently Chris Kohler (Game Life blog at, Shane Bettenhausen (Ignition Entertainment, former of 1UP/EGM), Ray Barnholdt (Crunk Games, formerly of 1UP), and Scott Sharkey (, formerly of 1UP).  I enjoyed this podcast for years.  Often they would talk of games and franchises that I had no experience with, but I was fine with hearing about these strange games, the stories behind the scenes, as well as other gamers discussing their formative years of gaming.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.  Retronauts only lives on in blog form at 1UP now, but since 1up has seen two mass exoduses’ of talent in the last couple of years I rarely go back to the site.   Nearly all the personalities that made their podcasts special are now gone. What I did do for myself was archive all the previous Retronauts podcasts so I could enjoy them from time to time in the future to relive gaming’s past.  From what I see 1UP seems like it is teetering on the edge, so grab those great podcasts while you can and take a trip back to the golden age of gaming.


Tips & Tricks Magazine

I originally discussed my love for this particular publication way back in April of 2005.  At that time I said nearly all that could be said about the publication.  Recently I pulled my Tips & Tricks magazines out of storage.  While it may not be retro in the traditional sense, my collection covers a several year period of my gaming, from the start of the decade to over half way through it.  There is a lot of cool guides, codes, and general collectable talk that is even more interesting to look at with a 2010 eye.

I parted ways with the magazine four years or so ago as I started to drift away from magazines.  Tips & Tricks still lives on as magazine, mostly as a semi-regular codebook with some guides still in it.  But it certainly is not the magazine that it once was, but in the face of the internet, not many magazines are today.

I enjoy video games past nearly as much as its present and future.  From time to time I will take a look back at its humble beginnings and my journey along side it.  Some of my retro visit may be only a glance as far back as the Xbox, or maybe I will go all the way back to my days with the Commodore VIC20.  At the end of the day I will go with what inspires me.

1UP’s Retro Gaming Blog




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