ZOMBIES!!! to Walk Among Us!!!

Zombie break-out on XBLA!


I remember when Zombies!!! was first announced for the Xbox 360 nearly three years ago.  It soon slid into development hell along with nearly all memory of it ever being considered.  Now not only is the XBLA version due early in 2011, but a mobile version will be released as well on the Windows Phone 7!

Many consider Zombies to be over done in popular culture, and that may be true.  But recent releases such as The Walking Dead television series, Red Dead Redemption’s DLC add-on ‘Undead Nightmare’, and Left 4 Dead 2’s recent DLC offering ‘The Sacrifice’ show that if Zombies are done right, people will shamble to the product in droves. 

As an owner of the Zombies!!! board game, I am excited for an Xbox 360 version of the game just for the simple fact that I will get more play out of it this way.  Zombies!!!…coming Q1, 2011!

ZOMBIES!!! Mobile Edition



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