Get OutRun: Online Arcade Before it RunsOut

Classic Sega Arcade Racer


Recently the gaming news aggregator, Joystiqreported that that due to a lapse in a licensing agreement OutRun: Online Arcade will no longer be available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace beyond December, 2011.

outrunboxI have long been a fan of classic Sega titles.  I actually owned this version on my Xbox prior.  That was part of the reason I initial held of on its purchase.  Once I get flush again with Microsoft Points I will be purchasing this game while it is still available.  It is a great drift-centric arcade racer, and if you were a fan of the original OutRun, or Ferrari sports cars, you will love Sega’s modernization of the arcade classic.  Click on this link to purchase or download the trial.

SEGA :: GAMES :: OutRun™ Online Arcade



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