Kinect Launch: The Day After

Feeling it…


Best Buds – Was joined by a friend while playing an activity or challenge   Gamerscore = 20   Acquired on 04/11/2010

I was a little nervous when I was first hooking up the connect.  Lighting, space, and the experience in general were still all concerns and I wan about to commit over two-hundred dollars to this gaming paradigm that for me still had many unanswered questions.  By the time my evening was done yesterday my fears were alleviated, and the Kinect has been elevated to a place of prominence in my household.

KinectAdvBoxMy initial concerns of the game space were quickly dispelled as I was able to create a Kinect gaming area with very little disruption to my room.  Lighting was not an issue as the amount was adequate and no sunlight will enter into this room.  And the experience, well lets just say it works as advertised.  Myself, my wife, and my son all took part.  We would hot-swap in and out of the games, challenging each other in a game space that was new to us all, for the first time I did not have a clear cut advantage over my considerably less experienced family members.  Kinect is a great equalizer, allowing all of us to progress and have fun at the same pace.

DCboxThe only negative I had from the evening is that physically I may have not been up to the challenge.  I subtitled this post ‘Feeling it’ for two reasons.  Firstly I was feeling the vibe that Microsoft has been preaching since they introduced the Kinect.  Secondly I was feeling the pain of an out-of-shape gamer who had just been put through the paces. But that was part of the attraction of this device to me, allowing me to enjoy my video games, but also getting me off the couch and active.  By the way I have been feeling today I may not be able to get back to the Kinect until tomorrow.

Other than the workout I did try using the Kinect for dashboard navigation as well as Kinect Chat.  While these features will likely not influence any purchasers, they are a nice addition to the overall package.  I am not sure what the future will hold for the Kinect, but for the present it is great fun for the entire family.  Well done Microsoft!

Kinect –




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