SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Gears of War 2

Trick or treat Gears style!


Party Like It’s 1999 – Played 1999 rounds in multiplayer                                                                                Gamerscore = 30   Acquired on 22/08/2010

I Got back into Gears of War 2 in a big way this past spring and summer.  After being put off early in the games life by its multiplayer I thought I was done with the game.  But with the promise of earning a shwack-load of Achievements I dove back in, and to my surprise I found I was having a lot of fun with Gears again.  This weekend to celebrate Halloween the good folks at Epic are having an XP Event and some special modes.  The details can be found at this link, or you can read more after the jump below…

From the Gears of War official site:

Gears 2 Gets Messy with Chainsaw Massacre XP Event!

Our favorite horror films leave little to the imagination. Psychological horror is cool and all, but we on Gears prefer to rock Halloween the old-fashioned way: running, screaming, and a bit of chainsaw-inspired terror. Sound like your kind of fun? Then join us for this weekend’s Gears 2 XP event! From October 29 through November 2, XP earned across all multiplayer modes skyrockets to 31 times the usual amount. We’re also shaking things up with a special chainsaw massacre edition of Horde—Lancer-only matches with no more chainsaw interrupts to save your enemies (or you!) from certain gory evisceration.

This sounds like it will be a lot of fun!  I have been looking for an excuse to take a break from Halo Reach and get in some quality Gears play.  What better time than on a fright-filled Halloween weekend!

Gears of War – Official Site




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