SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: The Typing of the Dead

Type for your life!


For this edition of SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week I am going off the rails of the Xbox scene to revisit the the classic Sega Dreamcast FPT (First-Person Typing), The Typing of the Dead.

Typing-of-the-Dead-CoverI remember when this game snuck onto the Dreamcast late in its life.  It soon became cult hit as not only where you able to dispatch the Zombie horde, you were able to get better at your day job doing it.  The Typing of the Dead took the game, The House of the Dead II, and removed the light-gun support and patched in keyboard support for which the Sega Dreamcast actually sold a peripheral for.  This game also marks the first time in history where my mother beat me at a video game!

I have always been a fan of unique and obscure games as well as odd peripherals, and this game fit both those bills.  The Sega Dreamcast was killing zombies by the boat load before it was cool, and allowed you to use gamepads, light-guns, or keyboards to do it.  Not a bad game if you are working late at the office this Halloween.

The Typing of the Dead



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