SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Alan Wake

Find the lady of the light!


Follow the Light – You were enlightened by a dream.                                                                Gamerscore = 10   Acquired on 19/05/2010

Alan Wake was for me one of the most revelatory games of 2010.  It certainly sits in my top 3 games of this year.  Remedy may have taken six to seven years to create the game, but once i got my hands on the final product, it was well worth the wait.

Gaming pundits all seem to slag video games for their stories, or lack thereof.  But for me my favourite games are the ones that tell a great story, that take me along for a wild ride, or perhaps allow me to shape my own destiny.  Alan Wake has one of the finest stories to arrive in gaming this year and have draped it over an eerie, Pacific North West backdrop straight out of Twin Peaks

Alan Wake’s use of darkness and light as well as being hunted by shadowy-possessed  people of the forest is enough to bring you the chills you need this Halloween.  If you are a fan of Stephen King, David Lynch, or spooky mysteries, this is the game for you.

Alan Wake




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