DLC Dilemma: It’s Raining Content!

Will work for Microsoft Points…


It really has been an embarrassment of riches when it come to Xbox 360 games over the years.  So many great games and experiences that it is often difficult to get to find time for them.  This Fall several great add-on packs have been made available to extend the lives of some of those great games.  Here is a list of recent DLC packs that I consider must-plays and so should you:

The writer

Alan Wake – The Writer: Alan Wake could be my ‘Game of the Year’ this year and Remedy has extended my playthrough with DLC pack The Signal and most recently The Writer.  I may have to wait until Christmas break to finish this and Alan Wake on Nightmare skill level.


BioShock 2 – Minerva’s Den: I actually had an opportunity to play Minerva’s Den for about an hour.  It was enough to convince me that this would be a great addition to the BioShock mythos which is only growing with the announcement of Infinite.  Again this may be one for the holidays


Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 – The Sacrifice: Valve continues to expand the Left 4 Dead narrative by adding the latest chapter to both Left 4 Dead games. A digital comic was also created to flesh out (no pun intended) the continuing story of the survivors of a zombie outbreak.


Borderlands – Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution: Even though I have played 100 hours of Borderlands, I feel that I have not played it enough.  That is probably because of the copious amounts of DLC that have come out since its release a year ago.  Even though I am unsure when I will get to it, I will be buying this content as the more Borderlands, the better.

fallout-new-vegasFallout New Vegas – (TBA): While there is no details regarding the content, what we do know is the first New Vegas DLC will arrive this December.  Ironically, the last DLC on the list will likely get the first play from me!

There is dozens of hours of gaming within these DLC packs alone.  You can see now why I refer to this as a dilemma, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!




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