Mission Accomplished: Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is a Game of the Year contender!


Mission Accomplished: Save humanity throughout the galaxy from certain annihilation   Gamerscore = 125   Acquired on 16/10/2010

With major RPG’s such as Fallout: New Vegas and Fable III on the horizon I started to feel the heat to complete Mass Effect 2.  My delay in completing surely was not a reflection of the game’s quality, rather is what a victim of Xbox 360’s library of great games.

My 53+ hours of gameplay were spread out over most of this year, with the bulk of play taking place in the first several weeks.  After that I chipped my way through it, often reminded to play by the numerous DLC packs made available throughout the year.  In fact, back near the game’s release I discussed the fact that via the Cerberus Network, BioWare would keep this game on the minds of gamers as ‘Game of the Year’ selection approached.  Even so, Mass Effect 2 is up against some great games, not the least of which is Halo: Reach. 

As it turns out, the point at the game I was at I was very much near the end.  I played through the last several missions over 2-3 hour period and was treated to an ending that left me pumped and wanting to play more!  Fortunately, I do have more Mass Effect 2 with both Overlord and Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC packs waiting in the wings.  Perhaps I will use those packs to bridge the gap to Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 2 is an amazing game which blends RPG and action elements into a game which almost any gamer could pick up and play as well as challenge the serious gamer.  Looking forward to what the BioWare crew has in store for the future of the franchise.

BioWare | Mass Effect 2



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