Minor Celebrities, Major Meet Up

What happens online, stays online!

FamilyPics Oct 21 2010 058

From Left to Right: Cru (Adam), Schuey (Aaron), Torment (Aaron), Jamy (Jamy), Superghost (Patrick)

Luxor Vegas PGR4After the better part of a decade of playing games and hanging out on Xbox LIVE, this cadre of hard-core gamers decided that a virtual meet-up was just not enough any more and that a face to face meet up was required.   What better a place for a family reunion than the planetary capital of sun, fun, sand, and secrets… Las Vegas, Nevada!

Las Vegas Strip PGR4While the visit was short, it was sweet.  We did squeeze in some laughs, some booze, some gambling, and some ice cream!  We saw girls attempt to ride a bull (doubling up for more traction) and enjoyed festivities on the longest balcony in Vegas.  The weather was hot and slots were tight.  Though the trip was several years in the making, I don’t think it will be as long to get back together again.

FamilyPics Oct 21 2010 063

All good things have to come to an end.  Each of us got back to our respective homes by any means necessary.  What did we do?  We all met again on Xbox LIVE, relived our stories, then fragged some fools…because that’s how we roll!

Note: Above Vegas strip captions are courtesy of PGR4 (what would you expect from a XBL Gamer meet up?)

Las Vegas Hotels – Las Vegas Shows – Las Vegas Entertainment | VEGAS.com




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1 Response to Minor Celebrities, Major Meet Up

  1. Aaron (TormentX) says:

    Hope to cya soon !

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