Halo Highlight Reel: Midnight Madness!

Reach is within reach! 

Invasion FleetWhile we have seen Halo games in recent history with Halo Wars and Halo 3: ODST becoming smash hits like their predecessors, but these games did not get the real Halo red carpet launch that we have come to know and expect.  Big media pushes are expensive and are usually reserved for only the most important, touchstone titles.  Now I am not taking away from the games I had just mentioned because they each are truly great in their own right, but they were not positioned for the Triple-A holiday release, but Halo: Reach is, an it is getting its push in spades.

After months of waiting and speculating Reach is mere hours away.  This will be my third Halo midnight launch, unfortunately it appears that the weather is not cooperating in my area of the country, but I will not let that dampen my spirits or my resolve.  What is going to be different this time around is that I am planning on taking my son with me!  I am not sure if he knows what he is getting himself into, but I think he will appreciate the event as he has become a pretty big fan of Halo in his own right as of late.  He is very partial to what Forge World will bring and I anticipate he will be putting in many an hour creating unique bases and structures.  To get us in the mood I plan on a Halo Legends viewing outside the store to pass the time.

So tonight when I get home from the store with a Legendary edition in tow as well as a standard edition for my son I will get my Halo: Reach adventure started, but tomorrow afternoon will be when I complete the campaign.  Then I will be focused on the multiplayer for the foreseeable future.  Hope to see you on Reach!

Halo 3

vs Flood 

Earned over 50,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the seventh mission.

Gamerscore = 10    Acquired 12/9/2010

As a warm-up for Halo: Reach, and also an excuse to earn a few Achievements I left on the shelf, I managed to squeeze in another playthrough of the game.  Halo 3 is a great game, but ‘Mission 8: Cortana’ certainly is my least favourite Halo mission.  But to stay on the positive, I did secure 7 of the 9 score attack Achievements in Halo 3.  With that I did push my Halo Waypoint level to 38 in time for the Reach release.  It may be a while before I venture back into Halo 3, so it was good to have a full playthrough just to get my chops up for Reach.

Halo 3: ODST

Jack of Spades 

Firefight: Alpha Site
Scored over 200,000 points in Firefight on Alpha Site.

Gamerscore = 10    Acquired 4/9/2010

Again with a little pre-Reach Halo play, I rigged up a system link game in my house last weekend so my brother, son, and myself could take part in a Firefight together. It was touch-and-go there towards the end but we were able to pull out the above Achievement.  It was fun to all sit together, communicate, and play some intense Halo action.  I plan on buying a second copy of Reach for my son so we can do some local co-op and Firefight modes.  If ODST is any indication, we will be in for some fun for a long time!

Bungie.net : Frog Blast the Ventcore!

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