Achievement Spotlight: Crackdown

The game beyond the game.


Orb Hunter
Collect 300 Hidden Orbs

Gamerscore = 50   Acquired 7/28/2010

In my long and storied Achievement gathering history, this particular achievement has probably the longest history as well as the most cooperation involved in its completion.

I started playing Crackdown when it first released back in March of 2007.  It did not take me long to squeeze out many of the achievements for this game, including finding all of the Agility Orbs.  But they don’t call the Hidden Orbs hidden for no good reason, so I began to scour the landscape searching for the orbs.  My son began to take an interest in the game.  Since the landscape was now devoid of gang activity I let him explore the world as he saw fit, except I told him that he could not hurt the civilians. 

As my son explored the world he would uncover a few of the Hidden Orbs which were stragglers in Pacific City.  All but one we eventually found.  There were many play sessions between then and last night that yielded no hint of that final orb.  I had pretty much given up on ever finding, but last night when I came to get my son for a snack I heard the distinctive ‘woo-woo’ alarm that an orb emits when you are close.  It had been so long since my son heard this sound that it did not even register with him, but I know exactly what it was.

I ran over to my son and told him what was happening, and saw it there on a rocky outcropping on the shore facing the water and Shi-Gen’s island.  We grabbed the bauble and viola, 50 Gamerscore!  But this achievement did not come cheap.  I once promised my son if he helped me find this orb, I would give him ten dollars.  Well today I may be ten dollars lighter, but I am 50 Gamerscore richer!





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