Re-Emerged Into Gears of War 2

It is good to chainsaw together! 


Battle-Tested Gear
Reached level 25 in multiplayer

Gamerscore = 30   Acquired 11/5/2010

I have had a passion for Gears of War since the earliest days of its announcement.  In fact if you dig way back into my personal blog archives you can find some Gears dedicated blogs that I posted, in particular, focusing on the Locust and what they may be like when we finally got our hands on the game.  All the information I had on Gears at that time was taken from interviews with Cliff Bleszinski or from an online scan of Destroyed Beauty, an art book of sorts introducing people to the Gears universe.  I played the life out of the first Gears, playing through the campaign several times and many, many hours of multiplayer as well.

Next we had Gears of War 2, and like Cliff said, it was bigger, better, and more badass.  The launch of Gears 2 even had me standing out in the cold Saskatchewan winter awaiting its midnight release.  I took to the game straight away, ripping through the campaign, and loving the new Horde mode as well as all the multiplayer improvements, but one day I just stopped playing.  I can’t really pin down why, I think other games just stepped up and I never looked back.  Fortunately for me I have some friends who were dedicated, day in and day out, Gears of War 2 multiplayer players.

CanalsRecently I decide to take up my friends invitation to return for some matchmaking.  It was a rough start.  What skills I may of possessed before had severely atrophied, that and the fact that everyone else had their skills finally tuned making game after game a quick march to death for myself.  So why would I continue taking this punishment?  Usually repeated spankings drive me running for cover in game-land.  What kept me in the game was the lure of the achievements.  I had scanned which achievements I could relatively earn quite easily, there were quite a few just within reach.  So I took my punishment and earned some achievements, but along the way I started to get my Gears legs back again, then I started to run, then I started frag some fools!

So even in the face of the Halo: Reach beta, which I have putting most of my gaming energy into, I have been finding myself wanting to put in some Gears multiplayer each day.  I still have some attainable achievements to earn and I am having some fun in the process. The recent announcement of Gears of War 3 has only driven me closer to Gears.  I expect to be playing a fair amount of Gears 2 before its launch so when the last chapter arrives, I will be ready with Lancer in hand!

Gears of War – Official Site



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