Another Game Trade-In Day

Yesterday I was at it again.  I had some credit sitting at an EB Games so I thought I would trade off a few more games, combine all that credit, and see what I would end up with.  First of all, here is what I traded in:

  • Tekken 6: Traded this in for a second time!  The only reason I had this game again was because I got a sweet deal on the Arcade stick bundle.  Why another arcade stick? The answer is forthcoming.
  • NHL 10: 2009-2010 NHL season did not get on my radar at all, and as such my copy of NHL 10 collected dust.  I really only play my brother and he has a copy so no great loss.  After the hockey season the trade-in value will plummet, so off now it goes.
  • Metro 2033: This was a lot tougher to part with, but with so many must play games on my docket, I had to cut loose something.  I hope to come back to this one at a later date.

So what did I get?  Here is the rundown of some of my upcoming purchases:

Super-Street-Fighter-4 Super Street Fighter IV

lost-planet2-screenshots-02 Lost Planet 2


Red Dead Redemption

I also put down some credit on Crackdown 2.  Alan Wake was pre-ordered prior.  So as you can see I have some crazy-busy gaming action in the next few months, and the second half of the year looks even more intense!  For me 2010 looks like the best year of gaming yet!



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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1 Response to Another Game Trade-In Day

  1. Aaron says:

    Its Christmas in Spring this year again !

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