Rolling Start: Level Caps

There Are No Level Caps in Life! 


Driver Level 50
Reach Driver Level 50 in Season Play mode.

Gamerscore = 50   Acquired 1/4/2010

The pic above is a screenshot from the race where I finally hit the the experience level cap in Forza Motorsport 3.  in took me approximately 26.5 hours on the track to achieve that goal.  While I feel a sense of accomplishment (and 50 Gamerscore to my total), I am often disheartened when I hit a level cap because I feel in a sense that I am no longer progressing.

Lvl_50_gift_car  -Pictured to the left is my gift car for reaching Level 50, a 2009 Peugeot Sport Total 908.

I am not a fan of level caps.  Even if I am not earning any tangible prize like the Peugeot here, I still like dinging levels.  It is a meta-game of sorts, even if it took forever to hit the next level, I still like that sound of accomplishment you get after finishing a race.  Now I do not want to harp too long and loud on it as in the end it is really not that important, but for players like myself I wish they could expand the level cap so get more mileage of it. 

I still have the cars individual levelling too look forward to, also there is so much to accomplish in Forza.  Perhaps there are other challenges I could tackle.  I will definitely keep going, I still have a couple more achievements and my final season to complete.

Blur Beta Grows

blurAs far as level caps go, I did reach the level cap in the Blur beta as well (10 levels).  I did hit it rather fast, but I do understand it is a beta and meant to give you an idea of the progression rather that the actual final product experience.  Once I capped I did not have the desire to play again.  Levelling kept me in the game, even after the repetitive track selection began to bore me.

Recently the level cap has been increased (to level 14) and tomorrow the beta is open too everyone via Xbox LIVE.  I have wavered a bit with my excitement on this game again.  Perhaps another round of levelling a playing with some new gamers will reignite my waning interest in Blur.

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