Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit: DLC for Forza Motorsport 3

More Real Estate for Forza 3! 

Nurburgring_GPC_5nurb Before the announcement that the Nurburgring Grand Prix Curcuit was going to be made available as downloadable content I was just this past week lamenting its absence from the game’s final product.  I enjoyed the circuit prior in Project Gotham Racing 4 so I am welcoming its inclusion in Forza 3.  I had to laugh that the next day I was missing it from the game that I found out that it would be now part of the game.

My one complaint with this DLC is that I believe it should have shipped with the final product.  After all we already have all of the long track, why not just put the remainder of the circuit in?  I am curious if Turn 10 will provide us with an all-new track in the future? 

Forza 3 is a great game, so I am going to cut Turn 10 some slack, purchase the new track for the 400 MS Points, and enjoy.

Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit | Forza Motorsport




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