Xbox LIVE’s 1 vs 100: Mobbed!

Speed Kills! 

trust_the_brain_sm Yesterday evening ‘Twitter’ reminded me that it was a Live show in 1 vs 100 last night on Xbox LIVE.  As I had nothing going on at that time I decided to dive into a game for fun.  Well little did I know that my rapid-fire question answering finally earned me a spot in The Mob!  Finally, after the Beta and several months of Season 2 I finally made it to ‘The Show’!

Well that glory was short lived as on the second question, my lightning-fast reflexes and perhaps a bit of nerves had me answering the question incorrectly, even though I knew the correct answer.  I continued to play, answering all the questions correctly and finally eliminating ‘The One’.  The Mob won, but unfortunately due to my itchy trigger finger I walked away empty-handed.

It was exciting couple of minutes though, I had often wondered if I would be able to make my way into The Mob.  The funny/sad part was my 6 year old son got so upset when I lost out that he began to cry.   Oh well, there is always next season!  At the end of day I did score 200 Gamerscore out of 1 vs 100 this season, not a bad haul for a free game. | 1 vs 100 for Xbox LIVE




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