Mission Accomplished: Borderlands – The Zombie Isle of Dr. Ned

If there is one thing I hate…its a ZOMBIE! 


Ned’s Undead, Baby
Killed Ned. Again.

Gamerscore = 49    Acquired 17/1/2010

My DLC completion parade continues this weekend.  First I completed Fallout 3’s Broken Steel, now I have completed Borderland’s The Zombie Isle of Dr. Ned.

One of the least appreciated components of Borderlands, in my opinion, is the amount of humour in the game.  Though the Zombie Isle is the ‘darkest’ of the area on Pandora, it is countered with a light heartedness with it characters and its writing,  Some of the ECHO recordings and dialogue are just classic!  You will never listen to sound of popcorn popping the same way again.  Personally I also really enjoyed the Scooby-Doo references towards the end as well as the start and ending narrations.

At the end of this play through I am sitting in I believe a Level 42-43, so I still have my share of work to get to ‘Ding’ level 50.  Next up, Madd Moxie’s Underground Riot and who knows what else Gearbox has planned for DLC down the road.  All I know is that you can count me in!





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