Fallout 3: The Beginning of the End…

…or is it? 


Shock Value
Completed "Shock Value"

Gamerscore = 30    Acquired 13/1/2010

With the onset of all the games coming out in the first half of 2010 as well as the onset of the Fallout game, New Vegas, due out this year, I made a commitment to myself to complete the downloadable content, Broken Steel, this weekend.  By completing Broken Steel I mean completing its main quest line as opposed to all its side quest therein.  So with Shock Value finished the other night, it is now a clear path to Who Dares Wins, the last of the core storyline achievements.

As I have stated before, I have over 150 hours of game-time in Fallout, but the majority of that was focused on the D.C. Wasteland and the DLC content.  I hardly spent any time in the downtown D.C. area, only when the main storyline demanded it.  I think this mostly due to the fact than when I started my adventure a year ago I found the outskirts of the D.C. downtown and its metro system to be a very dangerous place.  It took me forever even to seek out Rivet City because I thought the only way to get there was via the D.C. Metro.  Now that I am overpowered and have my side-kick Fawkes at my side, I can roll up on any area in the game with little problem.  So recently I have been dabbling in the city, and I realize now by avoiding the city I have neglected a huge part of the over-world.  I took some time to review my strategy guide last night and I couldn’t believe all that I had missed! 

It still blows me away all the artistry and story that has gone into this game.  But if I keep playing it forever I will never get through all the other great games that are coming down the pipe.  So my goal is to complete the Broken Steel DLC storyline then put Fallout 3 back on the shelf once again.  I think though I will dabble on occasion, perhaps closer to the release on New Vegas, just to clean up some of those achievements I still have hanging over my head.  It will be a tough day when I put away Fallout 3 away long term, but that day certainly is not today.

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