Halo Highlight Reel: Everybody was Firefighting!

Father and Son FTW!

It certainly has been a little while since I blogged about my Haloz, but with my recent ODST revival and the Reach reveal, it has put me in the mind of Halo once again.  Here is the latest from my Halo world to you:

1st Firefight KillkpKillpocalypse!
Kill 9 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

Time of Game: 01.06.2010 6:13 PM   Game Details: SUPERGHOST @ Bungie.net

Halo 3 ODST Revival: With the recent reveal at Spike’s VGAs 2009 (more on that later) I have had a renewed interest in getting my Halo chops up once again.  I have been having a two-pronged attack on this game.  The first is to earn my ‘Legendary’ achievement in the ODST campaign.  I only need to complete 3 levels to get the 100 point achievement, it is only a matter of gathering a posse to get my back, and as Halo goes these days in the face of Modern Warfare 2, it is more difficult than you may think.

The second part of my revival has been playing the Firefight mode split-screen with my son.  We will play 2-3 games a night on the Easy skill level as he is still learning the games controls.  Slowly he is getting better, but most importantly he has been having a lot of fun.  Halo games have been a testament to power of co-op games throughout the decade, and with the advent of the Firefight mode and the arrival of Reach this Fall, the Halo franchise continues to be ‘the’ franchise for multiplayer.  I am glad that I now have somebody in my house to share it with.

The Rise of Reach:  A few weeks ago we were treated to the Halo: Reach world premiere trailer at the aforementioned Spike Video Game Awards.  The first thought that ran through my mind (after ‘Wow!’, of course) was that to me was the realisation of the Killzone 2 trailer form E3 those many years ago.  Now I know that is jumping the gun a little bit, but this new Halo engine is damn impressive.  Now with not one, but at least five Spartan’s in the mix, who know what Bungie has in store for us as they evolve the Halo gameplay, co-op, and community features.  If this is Bungie’s last Halo game (I suspect that it is not…my opinion) I think they are going to make Reach a game for the ages.  ODST owners will be getting a taste this Spring when the multiplayer beta is released.  Watch the internets explode as the Reach beta nears.

H2_TombstoneActionWindows 7 Kills My Halo 2:  At least one of my previous HHR posts detailed the fact that I was earning Halo 2 achievements  from my Games For Windows version of Halo 2.  Unfortunately that dream may have died due to the fact that my installation of Windows 7 has rendered my game inoperative, and my lack of computer skills has me wondering how to incorporate the fix.  While I can still play the game on my classic Xbox as well as my 360, I do hate to leave those Halo 2 achievements on the shelf.  Perhaps someday I will get ambitious and devote the time and resources to get the game running again, but for now it is a casualty of the Windows 7 experience.

halo-waypoint-logoWaypoint and Legends:   Microsoft and 343 Studios have managed to keep me coming back to Halo Waypoint on a weekly basis on the strength of its ‘Top 5’ lists and its airing of chapters of the upcoming Halo Legends DVD/BlueRay/Download.  They have also updated the Halo Waypoint experience with aditional levels of experience and rewards, so if you have not checked in lately, you may want to see what is new at the Waypoint.




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