2010, The Year We Play RPGs

Because that’s how we roll!

20 As I look at my gaming calendar it appears that in 2010, my gaming time is going to be dominated by Role Playing Games or RPGs for short.  Now I am certainly not a hardcore RPG gamer, in fact I tend to steer clear of Japanese RPGs (JRPGs) all together, focusing mainly on the Western style RPG.  Now that is not a slight on the games produced there, but when your RPG background consists of Questron and the Ultima series, you may understand why my leanings are to the West.  If the hours I invested into Fallout 3 in 2009 and other games such as Fable II and Oblivion in the past, the majority of my gaming hours in 2010 will have me on an RPG of epic proportions.

Cleanup 2009:  Before I can truly focus on the RPGs at hand in 2010 I need to do a little housekeeping of games I am currently involved in.  Borderlands may not strike many as an RPG, but if consider games such as Diablo and Phantasy Star Online as RPGs, then you must include Borderlands.  While I have completed my first play through, I still have a second as well as downloadable content (DLC) and achievements to get.  Also, still hanging on from 2009 is Fallout 3.  While it did come out late in 2008, the majority of my gaming with it took place in 2009.  I still have some scattered quests, achievements, and DLC that I will chip away at over the coming months.

Now that I have discussed the old, it is time to bring up the new and upcoming RPGs that will dominate my gaming landscape for the next 12 months and beyond.  No hate please as I am not including Final Fantasy XIII into my anticipated RPGs, I have never played a Final Fantasy game and I don’t intend to start now (but perhaps if FFXIV arrives on the 360…).  The first game is again a straggler from a previous year, but I just received in the mail today`:

dragon-age-origins Dragon Age Origins: BioWare is double-barrel shot-gunning us in this quarter with not one, but two titanic RPGs.  While Dragon Age Origins has been out for several weeks, it took me a while to decide if I was going to by it.  Eventually my desire to own another BioWare RPG and the price being right (only $40) made my decision for me.  I was also able to pick up the limited Edition strategy guide for the game on sale.  Before I begin my DAO game I hope to complete Dragon Age Journeys, EA2D`s browser-based RPG that leads into the main game as well as unlocking in-game items for you as well.  So now BioWare and EA have a three-barrelled shotgun.


Mass Effect 2:  BioWare’s winter double-shot brings us the highly anticipated sequel to one of my favourite RPGs of all-time.  Mass Effect 2 from what I can tell looks to be a dramatic improvement over the last as well as beefing up the story and characters to offer gamers an unparalleled gaming experience.  My hope is that there will still be many planets to explore on top of all the space-intrigue we have come to expect.  I think it will be one hell of a ride, and it is only a few scant weeks away!

wallpaper_fallout3Fallout – New Vegas:  More Fallout you say?  Can’t be a bad thing at all.  It is my understanding that Obsidian’s take on the Fallout universe will be hitting this year.  I am just hoping that I can clean up Fallout 3 and perhaps another game before this lands.  This new Fallout game could be my most anticipated RPG of 2010 and is the game I know the least about.

I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that it will take me several-hundred hours of gaming to get through these titles, but it will sure be some interesting adventures!




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