Achievement Spotlight: PAC-MAN Championship Edition

PAC-MAN Fever, Driving Me Crazy! 


Eat the Crown!

Gamerscore = 20    Acquired 2/1/2010

400,000 Points
Score 400,000 points!

Gamerscore = 30    Acquired 2/1/2010

Yesterday while I was perusing my twitter feed I noticed that Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb (taswell on twitter) posted that he just ‘S’ Ranked PAC-MAN CE.  If you are not a regular Giant Bomb reader/listener, at they have a means of tracking your achievements as well as well as assigning a letter rank to your amount of achievements earned, ‘S’ being the highest rank.  I messaged Ryan to find out what is the best mode to earn my final two achievements and he was kind enough to advise me that Extra Mode 3 was the way to go.

So inspired was I that yesterday evening I decided that I was going to make the attempt to score my final 2 achievements in this game.  It actually went not to bad, it only took me a few tries and I was able to earn both achievements in the same game.  Combine this game with the original PAC-MAN and Ms. PAC-MAN and I now hold all the Xbox 360 PAC-MAN achievements!  I think I have also gained a further appreciation for this game and may want to seek out some further personal high-scores in the Championship Edition.  After all, it is a damn good game! 

ps, if you are so inclined, stick to the 360 controller, I found the arcade fight stick did more harm than good. | PAC-MAN Championship Edition




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