Mission Accomplished: Borderlands (*Spoiler Perhaps*)

“Ain’t no rest for the wicked!”


Destroyed the Destroyer
Killed the Vault Boss

Gamerscore = 50    Acquired 30/12/2009

Approximately 40+ hours and 37 or so levels later I was able to achieve Borderlands ultimate goal and reach the vault and reap its ultimate rewards.  As for the rewards, I think it is best to say that it is the journey, and not the destination, that will reward you the most.

When Borderlands arrived in October I was instantly hooked by the games shoot-and-loot RPG gameplay.  And while the story was threadbare, it did keep you moving, along you to explore location after location and challenge after challenge.  I was actually teleported back to my Phantasy Star Online days when it was just the thrill of the hunt and the loot that kept me going. 

November and December found my gaming life dominated by Modern Warfare 2, So Borderlands took a backseat for a time, but this holiday season saw me get back to this game with a vengeance, culminating with the game completion on the 30th.  My biggest regret is my miniscule amount of co-op gaming I did during my first play through, but it was for the best as I have a tendency to take my time in these types of games, so putting people through my pace is not always the most fun.  I hope to remedy the co-op situation in future playing of the game.

As the song goes, “there ain’t no rest for the wicked”, I have two downloadable game packs to explore and earn Gamerscore in as well as an entire other play through so I can earn some sweet loot and hit some of those achievements I missed the first time around.  One thing that is for sure, I will get all the Gamerscore out of this game, that is a promise, and I will have fun doing so!





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