360 X-Press: The Weekend Before Christmas Edition

Once again id has been too long between posts, but that is what happens when you have ten shit-loads of games that need to be played.  And what do I do whn I have ten shit-loads of games to play?  I add more to the mountain:


No game will get your more in the Christmas spirit than Silent Hill Homecoming…not!  I picked this game up this weekend as I finally saw it for a price that I could not say no too.  Last night I got started in it and I can say that so far it has been living up to the Silent Hill formula that I was used too.  I haven’t really played a SH game since Silent Hill 4: The Room.  While it was a Silent Hill game like no other, it also controlled very poorly in my opinion.  So much so that I could not continue on my adventure.  Perhaps someday I will return to 4, but for now it is all about Homecoming, and perhaps next month it will be all about Shattered Memories.  My only beef I had with the game last night, I went an hour between save points, had I died that could have been a small disaster.

Modern_Warfare_2Modern Warfare 2 threw me into a rage this weekend that had me almost retire from the multiplayer action.I can get pretty competitive and things were going south fast and consistently.  I was getting disgusted and thought that the 50-60 hours I have poured into this game would be enough,  Fortunately yesterday I jumped into a room with my brother and his crew and was able to get my groove back!  I was scoring consistently in the plus and feeling good about the game again.  I have played probably 95% of my MP solo, I may need to shift my thinking in that regards.

madden-arcadeFinally, an XBLA game that I can sink my teeth into! Madden NFL Arcade has been going gangbusters for TormentX and I.  Unfortunately no other friends have taken the Madden Arcade plunge.  I have played some ranked online matches, but I really do not enjoy playing with some of the people I run into there.  Likely I will play the 15 ranked game to get that achievement and then call it a day for the strangers.  But as long as I have a friend or friends willing to throw down on the turf, I will be there to take the challenge!  Madden Arcade at first feels really shallow, but the more you play the more you uncover its hidden depth.

To conclude this edition of the X-Press I am going to give you some afterthoughts on some more of my recent gamings-on:

  • Borderlands, part fun, part struggle, all about a tonne of hours to go…plus 2 DLC packs!  I certainly have my work cut out for me here.
  • Forza Motorsport 3, see above.  I do plan on dabbling more with the design and in-game Marketplace some more.
  • Will I ever get around to that damned GTA IV?  Or for that matter, back to NHL 10?
  • Also on the go: Left 4 Dead 2, Fallout 3, Haloz, and maybe someday…Tekken 6.




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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