Presenting SUPERGHOST.TV: Featuring Forza 3

  YouTube – Forza 3: Titanic Battle

After some research late last night I finally was able to get my movies created on Forza 3 to show up on YouTube.  I searched the forums and there I was able to find my answer.  If you too are wanting your videos hosted on YouTube I suggest reviewing this LINK.

So welcome to my new YouTube channel entitled SUPERGHOST.TV!  Now I am not exactly sure what all will appear here, but what I do know for sure is that there will be plenty on Forza 3 videos as I continue to experiment with the movie maker included in this iteration of the franchise.  The video I posted above features a clip of my self dogging my friend Cru.  I had been fighting with him the entire race, that is until he was presured into a mistake on the last corner of the last lap.  I was able to slip past without incident and overtake him for good!  I dedicate this clip to Cru and his shoddy picture he had took from a PGR race years ago where he claims I rubbed him out.  All in good fun my friend!

So be sure to click the link above for SUPERGHOST.TV to keep up with all my new and exciting clips from the world of Forza 3.

My Forza




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One Response to Presenting SUPERGHOST.TV: Featuring Forza 3

  1. Aaron says:

    looks like some editing was going on for that overtake to take place 😉

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