360 X-Press: Catch-All Edition

My last post indicated that it may be a while before I could pull together another blog post.  Well with my Saskatchewan Roughriders not performing so well today I am making a little bit of time to catch up with all the games that have crossed my path as of late:

borderlands Borderlands…Game of the Year:  Perhaps, to early to tell, but this game is amazing.  The more I play the more I realize that Borderlands is truly something special.  What has added to that as well is that I picked up the super-thick strategy guide which shows so much of the game’s depth.  This game will likely be a staple in my 360 collection for years to come.  Also the game’s theme song has burrowed deep into my head!

OvertakeForza Motorsport 3:  Speaking of Games of the Year, Forza 3 will play heavily in my game rotation for some time to come.  While I am pretty early into my career, the game has really shone for me in it’s online modes.  Firstly there was some racing and drifting in the Japanese mountains with my friends, then later I jumped into some matchmaking with random gamers and had a blast in some R1 cars, even winning a couple of races, finally I had some crazy ‘Cat and Mouse’ adventures with some more game friends.  What has also captured my imagination with this game is the Photo and Replay modes.  I have spent a significant amount of time just dabbling in those areas alone.  Turn 10 has really out done themselves this time.

CrzyDriveHalo 3 ‘Action Sack’:  I wound up playing in this matchmaking group with my nephew and his friends the other day and actually found it to be quite fun.  Since ODST has been pushed to the wayside in the face of all the new great 360 titles it is good to keep my Halo chops up.  On a slight downside Halo note for myself, the Halo Waypoint portal is unavailable for me right now under the 360 Preview Program.  I really wanted to have a look-see at that waypoint.  One more Halo note, I now have the Halo Encyclopaedia!  The only hitch is that it is a Christmas present.  I can’t wait!

Fallout 3:  Again speaking of Games of the Year, I picked up the Fallout 3 Game of the Year strategy guide.  While I already have the Collector’s Edition guide, I wanted to have all the info surrounding the DLC.  So this guide has that plus improvements to the guide itself including an improved Bestiary and Weapons guide.  And because I picked it up at Wal-Mart I got it super cheap!

Torchlight:  A little PC talk never hurt anyone.  I downloaded via Steam this past week the ‘Diablo-esque’ Torchlight.  I finally got to play it this morning and found it to be, while not original, a whole lot of fun.  This game will be my pallet-cleansing game when I need a break from the 360.

I really could go on, but I will give you a break.  Go play all those great games, some of which I haven’t even got to speak of like the Force Unleashed re-release and the GTA IV expansion.  Another time for sure!




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  1. Aaron says:

    What did you say about Rouhhouse ?

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