Zombie Action News – Episode #1: Featuring Left 4 Dead DLC

Everybody loves Zombies, that is just a fact.  And if you are an Xbox 360 owner (and you likely are if you are reading this) you have so much to love, especially as of late.  In my first episode of Zombie Action News (ZAN) I will highlight all the recent goings on in regards to Zombies and their infection of the Xbox landscape.  Now for our top story:

crashcourse_final_1024pxCrash Corse Lands on Left 4 Dead: I know the sequel is due out in several weeks, but don’t trade in your copy of Left 4 Dead just yet.  Today Valve released an all new campaign, Crash Course, for the Xbox 360 and PC.  Crash Course acts as a bridge between two of the existing story chapters, No Mercy and Death Toll.  New dialogue, multiplayer tweaks, and additional achievements highlight the latest content package.  While PC users will get the content for free, console users will have to pay a premium in order to see the new chapter.  Personally I am excited for the excuse to pop L4D back into my 360.

Also in Zombie Action News this week:

ZA Zombie Apocalypse Arrives on XBLA:  Want the thrill of killing scads of Zombies with 3 other friends but not pay for a premium experience like Left 4 Dead?  Zombie Apocalypse may be the answer.  ZA allows you and up to three other friends (local co-op only though, sorry) to kill wave after wave of Zombies in the style of a twin-sticks shooter.  So if you loved games like Smash TV or Robotron in the past you will feel immediately comfortable in the Zombie Apocalypse.  As I mentioned prior it is local co-op only, I consider that to be a pretty big knock on the game, perhaps they could patch in multiplayer in the future?  I did download the demo and actually found the game to be quite enjoyable, I may perhaps buy this game in the future.  By following this LINK you can download it for yourself and see what the Zombie Apocalypse is all about.


I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMBIES 1N IT!!!1:  Budget conscious Zombie hunters need look no further than Jamezila’s (of Dishwasher on XBLA fame) I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1.  This quick little Zombie hunting twin-stick shooter only costs 80 MS points and can be found on the Xbox LIVE’s Marketplace under the Indie Games banner and is worth it just to hear the games title theme alone.  While you start off killing Zombies you will eventually spin off to shooting other odd objects.  While this game may not provide all the thrills and chills of other Zombie games, it does have Zombies it it and is actually a lot of fun!  The game also supports 4 player local co-op.so bring some friends.

Dead-Rising-2Terror is Reality: Dead Rising is one of the all-time classic Zombie games, and with the sequel they show know signs of slowing down.  This past week at the Tokyo Game Show Capcom unveiled there take on multiplayer with a game-show style take on Gears’ Horde and ODST’s Firefight modes entitled Terror is Reality.  TIR bits up to 4 gamers in a WWE pay-per-view style arena fighting for their lives against waves of brain-hungry Zombies!  The host reminds me a lot of Zach from Tecmo’s D.O.A. series of games.  Personally I can’t wait to see how this mode will play out.  I have a feeling it will be a real winner!

left_4_dead_2_survivorsLeft 4 Dead 2:  All that and we still have Left 4 Dead 2 arriving on November 17th.  No real news to report on it, just that it is coming out real soon.

So certainly no shortage of Zombie action for gamers now and for the conceivable future.  I may need to watch the Dawn of the Dead remake to get my Zombie mood on.  Halloween comes early!

Left 4 Dead – Crash Course



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