Mission Accomplished: Halo 3 – ODST


Campaign Complete: Normal
Completed the Campaign on Normal difficulty.

Gamerscore = 100   Acquired 24/9/2009

In my grand tradition of Triple-A Microsoft release, I was able to power my way through to ODST’s conclusion in less than 48 hours after its release.  I do this so I can immerse myself into the story without all the XBL distractions and to avoid any possible spoilers.  Having completed the story I want to focus on a few things:

  • Firefight: ODST’s Halo gift that keeps on giving.  I have several achievements to earn and hours of fun to enjoy in this mode.  Covenant body-count is going to go through the roof!  Now I just need a few good men/women to help me finish this fight
  • Co-op Campaign:  Heroic and Legendary modes need to be completed, and as I am no Halo pro, again I will need some help from my friends.  What is good about ODST is that the campaign is short and sweet.  Playing as an ODST ads its own tension, so it is definitely a different experience from previous Halo games.
  • Data Terminals: Got to catch them all!  I purchased the strategy guide in part to help me with this action, unfortunately it is not much help as it only provides clues as to their whereabouts.  No problem though, i will get them all and enjoy the full story within the story.
  • Halo 3 Mythic: With all the multiplayer maps comes all the multiplayer fun.  I look forward to going to war with my friends and kicking some ass old school like!

Halo 3: ODST was a nice, compact Halo side-story that added more on the mythology and introduced several new characters.  I thought each mission was a lot of fun and really lived up to previous games in the series.  Next spring I think we will all be enjoying the Halo: Reach beta, but in the meantime it is feet first into hell!

Bungie.net : Halo 3 ODST



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