Mission Accomplished: Too Human

too_humanTriumph of Humanity
Hel has been defeated by the Human Baldur.

Gamerscore = 30   Acquired 21/9/2009

While I had completed the game several times before, I had never completed the game as the human Baldur.  So as I had blogged previously, with all the loot-game talk surrounding Borderlands and the Diablo series as of late, I was inspired to pick up Too Human once again.  I am glad that I decided to give this game another go, I really appreciated it and was probably the play through of the game I enjoyed the most.  I know that Too Human is a very decisive game amongst gamers and critics alike, but for me it is one of my Xbox 360 favourites.

I really hope that the trilogy will find its way into gamers’ hands, <SPOILER> just the site of those Giants at the end of the game is enough to get me going for the next Too Human,  With a handful of polish and improvements this series could have a serious bounce-back.  Lets hope that this happens. I have to see how this story ends.





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