The Sporto Reporto: Being a Pro in NHL 10

NHL10_first_goalYesterday I continued my end of Summer tradition and picked up the latest version of EA Sports Hockey franchise, NHL 10.  Since I so enjoyed last year’s ‘Be a Pro’ mode I thought I would once again kick off my NHL season  being a pro.  EA added a little twist to the mode this year by adding a prospects game.  This allowed you to place in the NHL draft and either better or worsen your position in said draft.  So after getting a goal and an assist in the prospects game I was drafted very early in the round and was picked up by the Columbus Blue Jackets.  The Columbus Blue Jackets?  They probably would have been the last team I would have picked for myself, but when you are in a draft you don’t have a choice where you go, so Columbus it is.

NHL10_first_proLast season when I started ‘Be a Pro’ I had to prove myself  in the minors before I could get to the show.  This season I was able to start the season with the big club and prove to the management that I had the chops to stay.  Three games into the season and I can say I am well on my way to being able to stay with the big club by scoring two goals in my first game and getting three assist in my next two games. Not bad start to my season.

Now not all is roses in NHL 10.  I am finding that the players fatigue, both in how they tire and how they recover is dramatically off from last season.  It seems that I could almost play the entire period without changing lines.  This kind of breaks the illusion of being part of the team.  Now I understand you want to be in the game as much as you can, but it still has to be balanced with giving your teammates ice time.  Now all is not lost, there is the ability to change the game settings, but as of yet I have not found the magic recipe.  I am going to give it a bit of time, but if I can’t find that happy setting I may have to move on to a Franchise/Season mode.  All in all the game seems pretty tight, if only the game stoppages moved along a little quicker the game would be nearly perfect.  More on NHL 10 as I get more ice time.





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