Halo Highlight Reel: Firefight!

ODST_aWith Halo 3: ODST just over a week away I am starting to get pumped for the Firefight mode.  Team Xbox has put up a story titled 9 Things We Can Tell You About Halo 3: ODST.  In that story they say this about Firefight:

Some may consider it a direct rip-off of the “Horde Mode” in Gears of War 2. It’s not. While clearly inspired by it, Firefight Mode in Halo 3: ODST is its own thing and has a feel to it that’s as different from Horde Mode as the two games are different from each other. Like Horde, Firefight is a ton of fun, but it will also take over your life. Playing a round that lasts 45 minutes is not out of the ordinary, and some matches can go on for literally hours. This is not one of those “I’m gonna get a quick game in before bedtime” modes. This is a “I think I might need to take the next couple days off from work” modes. The variety in the maps is great, ranging from smaller, more compact maps where the enemies spawn out of only a couple spots; to larger outdoor arenas with vehicles and Covenant dropships pulling your attention in all kinds of different directions. Firefight will likely push Halo 3: ODST back up to the top of the Xbox Live games-played leaderboards.

Sounds like a lot of fun!  Hopefully I can pull some of those Gears of War 2 players back to the Halo-verse.

Bungie.net : Halo 3 ODST




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One Response to Halo Highlight Reel: Firefight!

  1. Unknown says:

    Ill be "Dropping" in to play …….

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