360 X-Press: Dog Days Edition

As I look outside I see that the leaves are turning colour and are falling off the trees.  We are in the dog days of Summer and in a couple of weeks we will officially be into the Fall season, and with that an onslaught of new games.  As I am off of work this week I have been able to take a little extra time on the games front, here is what I have been up to:

Just Too Human…


With all the talk about ‘Loot-Dropping’ games of late (Diablo III, Borderlands) I have had a hankering to play Too Human from my game collection.  I have beat the game 3-4 times prior and I was thinking about doing another run through with my level 50 character.  Last night I started with my advanced Berserker character but then quickly decided to start a Defender.  I started pretty late last night and had difficulty putting the game down, it was that much fun for me.  With all the games coming out I am not sure how much I will play the game but in the meantime I will just dabble and enjoy Too Human once again!


To continue on my ‘Loot-Dropping’ game quest, I managed to get Diablo running once again, this time on my new laptop.  I have only played about an hour of this game back in the past.  I thought with Diablo III arriving I believe sometime in the next year or two that I would give this game one more try.  Again I am not sure when I will play it, perhaps when time allows.

Quest for Puzzles


In keeping with the apparent RPG theme of this post, I picked up this week’s XBLM ‘Deal of the Week’, Puzzle Quest.  Back when this game first came out I really wanted it, but timing and cost made me put it on the backburner.  But with the game now priced at 400 MS points for a limited time, what better time to buy.  I have yet to get my feet wet in the game, but I am looking forward to try.

This, That, and the Other

I have had a few other things on the go in my gaming space.  Here in point form are the highlights:

  • Continuing the Prestige climb in CoD4.  Approximately 12 levels to go!
  • Still chipping away at GoW2 achievements.  Picked up the No, But His Face Rings a Bell achievement for 15 points last night.
  • Working my way through Halo 2 and Dawn of War II on my PC and earning achievements to boot.

And that about covers this post.  Enjoy the rest of your Summer!




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