Mission Accomplished: Batman – Arkham Asylum


Bigger Bang
Complete story mode on Normal difficulty

Gamerscore = 50   Acquired 9/9/2009

For a game I had absolutely no interest in a couple of weeks ago (I didn’t want to even download the demo), after playing to completion, I now consider Batman: Arkham Asylum a strong contender for ‘Game of the Year’.  I am very thankful that the low price offering at launch in Canada convinced me in the end to give the game a try, that and the good word of mouth it was getting.

I loved the balance in this game.  It was never too frustrating, but it was challenging enough.  There was a good mix of combat and exploration.  Linear, yet sand-boxy in its own way. Control was neither too complex or simple.  Just about every component of this game struck an even balance and kept the gamer engaged and having fun the entire length of the trip.  The game is a real looker too.  Sporting the Unreal Engine, the game did not sputter and pop like other UE games, rather it ran silky smooth and kept me wanting to explore the entire prison just to see what secrets were hiding within.

I would implore you that if you are still undecided on this game that you should play it and give it a quick run-through before we get snowed-in under the pile of great game over the next 8 months.  It is not too short, or too long, in fact it is just about the right length.  The one question I do have going forward is what Rocksteady (the developer) will do for an encore?  Where else can Batman visit where he can explore such a great environment?  I guess we will have to wait for the Bat Signal.

Batman .. Arkham Asylum




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  1. Aaron says:

    Patiently waiting………

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