Achievement Milestone: 44K+ Gamerscore

Complete Outskirts at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary

Gamerscore = 30   Acquired 1/9/2009

It took a little bit of gaming but I finally hit the 44,000 Gamerscore plateau.  I have averaged about a 1,000 points a month over the last four months to get to this point, not a bad average of I do say so.  The oddity about the achievement that put me over this hump was that the achievement came from Halo 2, A Games For Windows LIVE (GFW) game.  What is also cool is that when I played Halo 2 the other day I figured out how to run the game silky-smooth.  It plays so nice that even though I have completed Halo 2 several times, it is like playing it for the first time.  More on that in my next Halo Highlight Reel.  Next stop, 45,000! : Halo 2




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2 Responses to Achievement Milestone: 44K+ Gamerscore

  1. IAN says:

    well done matey!

  2. Aaron says:

    Talk to me when you hit 45K. 44k, thats not even a half way mark…….

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