Retro Revival: ESPN NFL 2K5

nfl2k5tackleBeing in the thick of the Canadian Football League season and the National Football League season getting underway shortly I once again had my annual trip down memory lane to a time when I was a hardcore video football gamer.  After reading a thread on the NeoGaf message board discussing the greatness of ESPN NFL 2K5, I decided to dig my copy out of my archives and play in on my Xbox 360, backwards-compatible style.


It had been years since I played the game, but I was able to slide right in to the control scheme and feel immediately comfortable.  The game aged remarkably well, especially in its gameplay.  With Chris Berman’s game intros, half-times, and endings, 2K5 is doing things that are still unmatched today.

Due to the fact that the game is five years old and running on last-gen technology there are some areas of the presentation that suffer, particularly the crowd scenes and some of the interviewing, but even taking that into account it is still an amazing experience.  What I also found really interesting is that this game still has a dedicated fan base that still operates leagues and updates the roster annually.  That is dedication unheard of in the console space.  A lot of work and ingenuity are required to pull off that level of fandom.

all-pro-football-2k8 So while it is great to revisit the classics, I cannot avoid my desire to earn achievements, so once again I think I may have to give 2K Sports All-Pro Football a ‘third’ look.  I really have not given it much play except for an achievement hunt I took it on last football season.  So with the Labour Day Classic between the Riders and the Bombers as well as the NFL season opener just around the corner, I think a little 2K Football would be just what I need to help bridge the gap to Halo 3 : ODST.



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1 Response to Retro Revival: ESPN NFL 2K5

  1. Aaron says:

    2K "was" good for the time and ALL PRO wasn’t even one of the better games in the series. As for being "unmatched" I guess we will just let that slide as uninformed journalism. Its OK no one will doubt you NHL 10 post at least that will have credibility !

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