Out With the Old. In With the New…

xbox360logoxsWith every dollar counting, and must-have games mounting, I decided to do what I rarely like to do…trade in some games.  The good news is that for a stack of games I don’t play or am not interested in, as well as a few extra dollars, I was able to secure four games and a controller (Halo 3: ODST limited edition controller) for the upcoming Fall rush.  Here is how it went down:

Traded in:

  • Eternal Sonata (bought cheap, never played)
  • Two Worlds: Limited Edition (as above)
  • End War (Purchased the limited edition w/ the headset for cheap, still have the headset)
  • Call of Duty 2 (a classic, it served admirably)
  • NHL 09 (make way for ‘10)
  • Kameo (extra copy)
  • Alone in the Dark (bought cheap, never played)
  • Bioncle Heroes (as above)
  • H.A.W.X. (tough one to trade, but the value was too good to pass up)
  • PGR4 (extra copy)
  • Two ‘DS’ games
  • + $60 to complete the deals…

Games pre-ordered and Paid in full:

  • Halo 3-ODST: Limited Edition (comes with a limited edition 360 controller)
  • NHL 10
  • Borderlands
  • Brutal Legend

I chose Brutal Legend and Borderlands as they are the soonest to arrive and do not have collector’s editions.  It is a little refreshing to clear out some of the games I wasn’t playing, now I don’t have to feel bad for not playing them.  Instead I have turned them into games that will get lots of play.  Now to get back to restocking my game shelf.  As you can see by my most wanted list, I still have plenty to buy!  I think I need to but a donate tab up on my blog.  😉

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