Call of Duty 4: Prestigious!

cod4Two nights ago I flipped the Prestige switch once more in Call of Duty 4.  Back in mid June when I completed the campaign I blogged that I planned on making it through to level 55 once before I Modern Warfare 2 arrived in November, but little did I know I would be introduced to Hardcore Headquarters. 

While slogging my way through my second round of Prestige when my friend Loki 343 brought me into his Hardcore Headquarters game.  I quickly discovered the joys of the Hardcore game style (no reticule, HUD, greater bullet damage, etc.).  I was quickly able to gain experience and rank up to level 55 in no time.  So with still a few months to get through before the release of Modern Warfare 2, I thought I could squeeze at least one more Prestige run before the game’s release.  In fact I have powered my way through a third of my levels just 24 hours after flipping the switch!

I have been really excited for my rediscovery of CoD4.  I haven’t had that ‘night in and night out’ interest in a single game in some time.  In the last week or so I feel that my skills are finally starting to pick up and now I feel I can be a team leader in kills.  I guess it is true what they say about practice.  MW2 will be a different ball game, but I sure will be ready to play!

Modern Warfare 2



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