Side Quest: Splinter Cell

SC1With the upcoming arrival of an all new Splinter Cell game, the fifth in the series, I have thought recently that I would like to revisit the previous games in the series.  Of course one should start at the start so I grabbed my copy of Splinter Cell and began my adventure.

I managed to play through the tutorial. I even completed the extra component where you find the lock pick and grab the door code so you can have an early meeting with Anna Grimsdottir, one of the directors at the NSA who assists you in your missions. Meeting her is totally optional, but it is a good warm up for your missions ahead.

annaPresently I am a little over half way through the Police Station (first level).  I am playing on my Xbox 360 and my computer monitor and the game looks absolutely stunning.  It does not look like a six and a half year old game.  The control does feel a little off, I will be interested to see how it evolves through the series.  I am really looking forward to my next play session.

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