Two Worlds, One Xbox

twSeveral months ago took a leap and picked up the collector’s edition of the much maligned RPG, Two Worlds.  I have enjoyed my recent forays into Western-style RPG’s with such games as Bethesda’s Fallout 3 and Oblivion as well as Fable II and Mass Effect.  Two Worlds looked kind of like Oblivion, but word on the street was that the game was kind of a crap.  Well I decided I would buy it for some rainy day play time. Really, how bad could it be?

Yesterday I did find out how bad it could be.  At that time I had nothing better to do and saw Two Worlds sitting on my shelf, so I placed the disk into my Xbox360 and prepared myself for some RPG action.  What I really should have done is prepared a barf bag because my initial impressions were making me ill.  Diving right in I discovered that while the games graphics could almost pass at the level of quality for this generation, the production levels, combat, audio, voice acting, control, etc. were so poor that it is amazing that this game was not a bargain title out of the gate.  This too after the game received a patch correcting several huge flaws.  The in-game cut scenes and voice acting are amongst the game’s worst crimes.  I really cannot understand how the developers could not see that it was not passable.  The world appears to be vast and interesting but as soon as I hit the woods I was ganged up on my various creatures and animals that left me with little chance of survival, especially with the clunky combat.  After about fifteen minutes I had enough and powered down my console.

You would think that after that escapade that I would be through with the game for good, but there is still something about this game that keeps me curious about it.  Am I curious enough to look past all its glaring faults and try again?  Not sure, put stranger things have happened.  Perhaps I will have a read of the manual next time so I may be better prepared to face three wolves and a grizzly bear all at once the moment I hit the game world.

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5 Responses to Two Worlds, One Xbox

  1. IAN says:

    LOL this makes me laugh because yesterday out of bordom I too decided to play two worlds. I bought it about a year ago off ebay, and hated it although the reason I bought it was because I was charmed by the demo. The fact is though this game is diabolical, in fact swine flu is more fun and has more replay value, and the side effects of playing two worlds are far worse than thte symptoms of swine flu. How did this game ever get published, did it ever get beta tested, how did some magazines think that this was going to be an TES Oblivion beater, were they on drugs or did southpeak pay them off. Dear god this game is a crime against the industry and the fact southpeak are making a sequel REAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This game sucks so bad a prostitue with no mouth would suck better, and the voice acting arrrrrhhhhhhhhhh whats that about, no one ever in the world of fantasy has ever spoke like that, what the hell. Anyway glad we shared that together, my advice dont play it again, the motion sickness, eye burn and the nightmares just arnt worth it, I know theres gamepoints to get but go out and buy my horse and me, get the 1000 points off that lol. Bye for now.

  2. Patrick says:

    lol, don’t hold back Ian, tell me how you really feel. Did you know there is a sequel arriving soon? On the game does have LIVE support. But look at me playing Devil’s Advicate. Maybe I will try again someday…

  3. IAN says:

    Your just following the same partern as me, every couple of months you convince yourself, noooo the game cant be that bad, its me not you, you will telling the box as you put the disc back in the drive, only to find nooo it is that bloody piece of crap waste of space shite scum sucking dog licking skunk pussy of game thats really at fault. I mean cooooommmmeeee onnnnnnnnnnnn, and whats the god dam frame rate about its the only game that doesnt work in frames a second it works in frames a freakin hour arghhhhhhhhhh. Can you see how grown up I am being about this game, personally I dont see why the people at OXM wont publish my letters about two worlds.

  4. Aaron says:

    Apparently you two didn’t get the message that came with the Demo. It said don’t buy me I suck !

  5. Kevin says:

    Hey! Two Worlds. . . Everyone has had that initial feeling for the game, even the people that later said they began to enjoy it. Once I started figuring out to jump back before getting hit in combat and how to combine things I did start having a little fun from the game, even though everything else about it was painful. I even completed the game. . . twice (that bug that prevented me from visiting all locations). The thing is to turn the sound off, don’t read the subtitles and start playing around with the combining to create bombs, poisons and wonderfully wicked weapons that do special damage from the combining of the weapons and gems.

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