Mission Accomplished (Again): Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare


I recently repurchased Call of Duty 4 as I had to sacrifice my original to purchase Resident Evil 5.  With all the hype at E3 regarding the game’s sequel, Modern Warfare 2, I thought now would be a good time to revisit CoD4.

After playing this game nightly for the first two months after its release I essentially stopped playing the game for a year and a half,  The only time I did play it was when I bought the map back at a reduced price so I could have a look at them.  The game nearly two years later is still a stunning piece of gaming, though I did find the game to feel dated with its patented CoD enemy spawns from hell.  I really hope that they correct this in the next iteration.  Still, the game is a must play and does garner repeat playthroughs.  I did finish the campaign once again this evening, but with Call of Duty, you stay for the multiplayer.

I started to lose interest in the CoD4 multiplayer around the time I completed most of the challenges.  I was sitting on level 52 or so when I decided to play this multiplayer again once more.  I powered my way through the last few levels up to 55 and flipped the switch on Prestige so I could once again climb the ladder.  I have a goal of hitting level 55 once again (at least) before Modern Warfare 2 arrives this Fall.

So if you want to join me for some hot FPS action this Summer, look for me in the CoD4 multiplayer!

Infinity Ward



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