The Sports Anomaly: MVP of the Week!


Not being one to toot my own horn (who am I kidding, I will take any chance I get to toot), this week as I was listening to one of my favorite podcast, The Sports Game Guy’s Sports Anomaly Podcast.  Each episode they have an MVP of the Week, more often than not it is a pro sports athlete, coach, etc. who did something noteworthy the prior week.  Sometimes though the MVP is just a regular Joe like…myself, SUPERGHOST!  If you get a chance, take a listen for yourself and see why this humble gamer is The Sports Anomaly’s MVP of the Week!

If you have never listened to SA than you are missing out.  Todd Zuniga leads his fearless band of podcasters is such timely discusions about video game sports, real-life sports, television, movies, and all around crazy chat!  The show weighs in at less than an hour each week and is just a fun show.  So if you like your podcasting light, fun, and sports centralized, look no further than the Sports Anomaly.  They are MY MVP of the week!

The Sports Game Guy’s Sports Anomaly – Podcast




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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