Re$ident Evil 5: The Root of All… Part II

RE5 chrisThe Good News:  Resident Evil 5 will have additional multiplayer modes.   The additions of free-for-all and team-based deathmatch for four players, as well as a mode where players compete for a higher zombie kill count (as per 1UP).  This certainly will offer players hours of additional playtime after the campaign has been completed.

The Bad News: This DLC is planned to arrive "a few weeks" after the game’s release, and will be priced at 400 Microsoft points on the Xbox Live Marketplace (again 1UP).  This $5 cash grab is for the download key that unlocks the content that is currently on the disk already!  This content was already described in the game’s strategy guide.

I guess this in away justifies my earlier post about cost being an issue with me and this title.  Again, I will look forward to this game down the line.  In related news I purchased H.A.W.X today and got a smokin’ deal to boot!  Co-op anyone?




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1 Response to Re$ident Evil 5: The Root of All… Part II

  1. Aaron says:

    HAWX co-op yes !

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