Mission Accomplished: Civilization Revolution


A Great Wind is Blowing
You have won as a Russian civilization!

Gamerscore = 15   Acquired 8/3/2009

Have Fun Storming the Castle
You have won a Domination Victory!

Gamerscore = 20   Acquired 8/3/2009

Well, kind of accomplished as there is many, many ways to win at Civilization Revolution.  Yesterday I was finally able to play Civ Rev since I purchased it a couple of weeks ago for the bargain basement price of $20 BNIP (Brand New In Plastic).  I initially wanted to buy at release but it was another one of those games that got put on the back burner until a more opportunistic time.

I played the original Civ on the PC back in the mid 90s so I relished the opportunity to tread on some familiar ground.  Civ Rev may not be as full featured as its contemporary PC counterparts, but its easy to use interface and colourful graphics make for a fun experience.  I was able to get though the game in 2-3 hours (I actually lost track so I am not exactly sure how long it took) so it was nice to get a full game in , though you can save at any time.

So even though it is ‘Mission Accomplished, I am far from over with this game.  I have a lot of different leaders and victory conditions to explore on the road to world domination.  It is nice to have a change of pace and not necessarily running down a corridor and shooting somebody.  There will definitely be more Civ Rev in my future.

Civilization Revolution




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