Burnout Paradise! Its Party Time! Excellent!


I played a little bit of Burnout Paradise last night.  I have been meaning to get back to this game for awhile.  I was actually able to accomplish a couple of things.  I found a Super Jump and a couple of Billboards.  It was fun just to get back in the saddle again.  Starting February 6th there will be a couple more good reasons to get back into the game as EA and Criterion are realeasing two of their latest expansions to the game that keeps on giving.

The Party Pack (Premium Content): This mode embraces the old skool tradition of passing the controller to your mate.  This time up to eight players can join the fun as players compete in a variety of challanges to see who is the best BP Party animal!  New achievements will be made avaialble so get some buddies together and party on!

Free Update:  The free updates focus is on upgrading the game as well as making it more accesable for beginners.  There is too much involved to mention in this brief post, so for the complete list of upgrades, tweeks, and improvements check out Criterion’s post entitled Everything you need to know about our FREE 6th Feb update.  Personally, I am most excited for the ‘Restart’ feature everybody has been clamoring for since this game was released.

Burnout Paradise is shaping up nicely for the new year.  Now I just want to see when they incorporate the new areas into the map!

EDIT: Woops, DLC is out today (February 5th).  My bad!

Criterion Games




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