Saturday Spending

360_red_controllerI really should not leave the house on my days off for my financial well-being.  It is just too easy to find things to spend my money (or credit rather) on.  Yesterday I saw a sweet deal on the limited edition Xbox 360 red controller.  I kind of wanted another one anyway for my other console so it worked out ok.  While I was out buying this controller I happened to stumble across a game that I had to buy.

422px-Fallout-_Brotherhood_of_Steel_Box I have been all over my Fallout 3 game since my Christmas vacation except for my recent and brief hiatus as I await the upcoming batch of DLC.  So while I was out I uncovered this little gem, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel for the classic Xbox.  When I get my new PC this spring (fingers crossed) I plan on purchasing the first two Fallouts, so why not have the Xbox game.  And while it may not be canon, it is still a cool little purchase and look forward to giving it a try.  Once I do I will blog about it.  Unfortunately it is not backwards compatible so I will have to play it at my parents where my original Xbox lives these days.

And to top it all off I picked up the most recent The Walking Dead trade.  You should all take the time to read these books.  Very engaging, especially if you like Zombies! | Canada Home




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  1. Aaron says:

    Every body has a price !

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