XBLA Today: Rez HD


The venus

Play mode area3 cleared! Area4 unlocked!

Gamerscore = 20   Acquired 30/12/2008

A couple of weeks ago I revisited Rez HD from the Xbox LIVE Arcade.  Now I own (or posses in the case of my DC version thanks to the absence of non-North American release) two other versions of the game, but this for obvious reasons is the best incarnation.  Rez can be a difficult game to play at times because the beats of the game make you want to move along with them!

I have yet to make my way to deep in the game, I just finally unlocked Area4.  One of the less talked about features of the game is to have all four controllers active and placing them ‘around’ you to get the beats vibrating on you, further immersing you into what is already a very visual and auditory experience.  While it is not the Trance Vibrator, is the best they could do 😉

It is nice to play a good old on-rails shooter from time to time.  After playing some of Gears 2’s ‘Horsey Ride’ last night I couldn’t help but be reminded of classic shooter such as this and the Panzer Dragoon series.  Good times!  I wonder what the next great rail-shooter will be?  I secretly hope that someday we can revisit Panzer Dragoon’s universe. 

Rez HD




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